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Celebrities endorse Joyfest.
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The Power of Giving: It is said that giving is better than receiving. Come join us in this celebration of giving and make a big difference
Togetherness: Everyone from a millionaire with their fundraisers to a slum dweller with his share make up the nucleus of the week.
Celebration of youth: In the form of a Joyfest, the celebrations will bring together a platform for the youth to connect to the people and be aware of the world.
Joyfest 2012-13
88% of youth want to contribute to society and help the underprivileged.
96% say they do not know how!!!
JoyFest - a nationwide movement of joyful giving
Joyfest 2012-13, is in its 4th year. A national movement where students do acts of giving, and get together as one for the underprivileged.Colleges students, teachers, principals, and NGOs come together for a noble cause.
500,000 students will be part of the Largest Youth Movement. Volunteers in 20 cities and 500 colleges!

Joyfest - is now a part of your college festival.
On any 1 day during your college festival, you can:
Donate Books stationery, pencils, erasers and crayons, Donate Blood, Donate Bicycles, Shoes, clothes, toys.

You may choose to invite underprivileged to the institution for a few hours on any 1 day during your college festival. Sing, dance and play, eat with them. OR
Other Activities
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  Colleges Celebrating JOYFEST in previous years
NIT Surat| VIT,Vellore| RGIT,Mum|KJ Somaiya Mgt| IIT Kharagpur| TAPMI Manipal | SVT, Mum

                                                                            Colleges Celebrating JOYFEST previous years
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JOYFEST in Press
Inauguration Press Conference, Mumbai
TOI 27th Sep 2010
Come together and make a difference
  Engineers, be the solution. Come, be a part of Joy of Giving  
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